Art is most close and dear to my heart. Allow the child to try a wide spectrum of a various applied art, thus he or she can see that is the most interesting to pursue further. For example, there are rates in pottery creation, drawing, painting, enameling, a sculpture and it is much more. Chidren like to learn new things, especially when are interested in a subject. Make sure to find the teacher who will make studying of an entertainment and will give them positive support. Many of my students have told to me in the beginning, that they cannot make it. It has no significance, there is no right and it is wrong in creative art. It is the creative license of the artist to make regardless of the fact what they want. My main anxiety with dangerous students should allow them to know that it takes time and an expert as in any branch of arts, to become qualified. There are no fast processes, irrespective of how much talented you are. Then, I go forward and I learn to them the project, to gain trust and to see that art is valid for them. Some of my students have flied up to create projects independently as soon as they have understood that perfection is not expected them. Pressure is switched off, and they can be free to enjoy irrespectively environments is pleasant mostly to them.

My mother and the father have registered me in the big variety of rates. As the timid child, it has frightened me at first, but even courses in which I was not interested, were educational to me. I have spoilt each rate of a bit more knowledge and estimation for this purpose that arguments pro should make to become good in the craft. Though I did not practice into dance, I liked to pull, paint, music and pottery. And, attempt of various things has pulled out me from my bowl, forcing shyness to disappear later.

I am a professional artist, my exclusive style – realistic art, but I appreciate various disciplines unlike a deposit, such as impressionistic or abstract art. My mother learns to young students to appreciate old masters and they love her lessons. To each child teach to choose painting, which they love, then try to draw it, using the basic paint of distemper. It is surprising, as fine pictures can appear, and every year she receives work copies before they will go home with children. Without permission to these three-five years’ children, classical training in painting includes copying of masters further forward in an art education. Children love it, and work hard to make good work, thus they can go home and give it to the parents. Very valuable project.

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