People who have long or long curly hair you may already know how much more difficult it can be to care for your hair.

You will need to spend a lot more time to keep your hair in good shape if it is longer than normal.
When braiding long hair there are a couple of thing to watch out for. When your hair is in braids it is a lot easier for it to get damaged. Make sure that your braids are not overly tight because this can cause your hair to break and become damaged. When you sleep hair that has been braided tightly is susceptible to damage. Some sort of scrunchie is recommended in this situation to avoid unnecessary hair damage.

Also high on the list when it comes to hair damage is the use of excessive heat. This is even more common with long hair due to the extra use of hair straighteners or curling irons that is needed. If you want to know how to curl hair without damaging your hair due to the excessive heat of straightening irons then Curlformers are a product that can do this.

It is still important to have your hair cut regularly to keep it in good shape. This is so that split ends don’t develop and your hair will not break off. You will find this even more true for those with long curly hair.

A few points regarding the use of a brush for long hair. Try not to use a brush for detangling your hair use your fingers instead. Also start from the tips and go up to the roots when combing, as this will reduced the risk of hair breaking.