One of the most popular uses for the internet is getting free music for use on Ipods, Zunes, or other MP3 players. There are a wide number of methods for acquiring MP3 files, the most popular is iTunes. If you don’t want to employ one of these services, you can convert Youtube to MP3 by using special software that will convert Youtube to MP3. The main benefit of converting Youtube to MP3 is that it is absolutely free. Amazon MP3 charges $0.99 per song you download, so the costs can really add up if you are an avid music downloader.

In order to convert Youtube to MP3, you will need special software. The most widely used type of software for this purpose is a browser plugin that you can download from any number of sites. Plugins for Firefox and Google Chrome are the most well known plugins for downloading MP3s from video websites, but there are also a number of them available for other browser platforms.

The Firefox plugin boasts exceptional sound quality, and I recommend it as my top recommendation for downloading music from Youtube. The plugin is free and can be downloaded staight from the Firefox website, or from any number of other download sites. I recommend downloading it directly from the Firefox website because you know that you can be certian that is is not loaded with bugs, viruses or spyware. It does not make you to register for any sort of account or other service. You simply download the plugin file, and it does the rest for you. The next time you load Firefox, you will see a “save mp3″ button on each Youtube video page.

Some videos on Youtube are copyrighted, and the video owner has requested that it not be available for download. However, if you really desire the MP3, there are ways around this issue. For example, if you were needing Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and it won’t let you download it, simply type in “Justin Bieber Baby Lyrics” as your video request, and you will be given videos that will allow you to convert and download the MP3.

The Google Chrome plugin is not as good as the plugin for Firefox, but it still functions fairly well. The MP3 quality is less good than the Firefox plugin, so you might want to try downloading Firefox specifically for your music download needs. There are also stand alone softwares that you can download in order to get your MP3s from Youtube. Usually, these types of software include a browser based platform that lets you search for videos on Youtube. Be very careful when downloading these types of software because they can sometimes be loaded with viruses, spyware, or other negative things that can effect your computer.

So, my recommendation is that if you don’t want to pay for music, download a converter that will download MP3 files from video sharing websites. Be sure to research consumer reviews to find out which programs work the best, but overall, I would say that downloading the plugin for Firefox is your best option.

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