Silica gel in the form of silica gel packs are widely used to remove moisture from the air and protecting goods and produce. You will find them mostly packaged as desiccant silica gel sealed and separated out into sachets. Desiccant pack are non-flammable and highly versatile meaning they can be used in all kinds of situations and locations.

You will find these packets of moisture absorbing gel easy to come by as they are usually combined with packaging for many electronics. Also used in shoe boxes desiccant packs are able to keep moisture from damaging a new pair of shoes. Often the intention of these desiccants are to protect goods while in transportation therefore once you have the product you can use the desiccant for whatever you want.

You will find many situations around your home that could benefit from a few desiccant packs. When the weather outside is bad you could benefit by having a desiccant or two in your closet where they will be able to absorb that excess moisture on your wet jackets.

Silica gel packets are applicable in any place that might suffer from too much moisture. Particularly problematic are the damp areas of your home that can grow fungi, bacteria or mold. This does not only look bad but it can also be a health risk as the bacterial spores when air borne can disrupt your respiratory system.

Condensation is prone to forming on windows during the winter months and when bacteria starts to grow will discolour the surrounding window frame. A similar event occurs in your car as the warm air is condenses on the windows making them go foggy. To avoid this condensation use a silica gel desiccant pack to get rid of any excess moisture in the air and stop condensation forming.